• tiger feathers!!
  • ...with edgy chic style!
  • Happy Birthday Mademoiselle Chanel
  • Elina's stripes!!

  • the world changes, we do not. there lies the irony that finally kills us.
  • are you a good witch, or a bad witch? i'm a bad witch, baby.
  • she don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her.
  • ermagersh it's yer berthderr (still)!
  • jolieenrose
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  • i got time from saving the world to go and drink coffee
  • from a little city with expensive taste.
  • (i am a boy.) not a robot. (i am not perfect.)
  • i'm a sinner, i'm a liar. want forgiveness, but i'm tired. (let go i'm ready for it.)
  • nevi
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  • Socks with Sandals
  • Socks with Sandals
  • Pack for New York Fashion Week
  • Pack for New York Fashion Week

  • {today is my birthday and i'm riding high -- i'm little but i'm coming for the crown}
  • {I will love you soon, but not now 2.0}
  • { 'cause I score before I even throw the ball }
  • {hit the lights, you're the chosen one}
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  • 9.1. Black Widow
  • 8.27. Fan Bingbing
  • 8.23. Skip Divided
  • 8.18. Verano!

  • Just need more time ; So get of your low, let's dance like we used to.
  • And we don't care about the young folks ; Talking 'bout the young style
  • Stop trying to shut my groups down ... it's never going to happen.
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  • (ootd) cigarettes & alcohol // oasis
  • the moment i said it // imogen heap
  • two headed boy // neutral milk hotel
  • st. jimmy // green day

  • i can't breathe without you
  • roleplay coldplay
  • i am eighteen (:
  • we thought we lost you, oh we thought we lost you

  • don't be mad cause i'm doing me better than you doing you
  • i don't know just what i'll do every time you walk into the room
  • don't think about the way i dress, you can fit me on a labelled shelf
  • but i like being submerged in your contradictions, dear
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