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  • she doesn't give a damn about me ☀
  • dragged me out the bar to the backseat of a car ☀
  • i'd give up forever to touch you ☀
  • [the poly tag] he loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart ☀
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  • blood getting hotter, body getting colder. i've told you once, i'm the only one who holds her [prp]

  • Deep down I think terrible things.
  • Off with your head.
  • Investigation Discovery is a weird channel
  • Glory and gore go hand in hand

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  • my everything❀
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  • hear me when I say, when I say I believe, nothing's gonna change, nothing's gonna change destiny, whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly
  • knock. just knock. why isn't she knocking? do you think she knows how to knock?
  • Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah, baby you can bet their love they didn't deny your words say split but your words they lie 'cause when we kiss, mmmmmm, fire fire, burnin in my soul, it's outta control
  • work, turn to the left, work, now turn to the right, work, sashay, shante
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  • It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful
  • Warm Water... Looking you over and you don’t know my name yet
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